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Barry Stokes

Barry Stokes

Barry is a native Texan and has been fishing since his dad taught him to fish when he was 5 years old. His love for fishing ranges from fly casting for trout, to finesse fishing for bass, to sight casting for redfish in the coastal marsh. Barry is the former host of "Outdoor Trails," one of the longest running shows in the history of televised fishing, and "Southwest Outdoors" radio on WBAP in Texas.  He is a former tournament angler, finishing in the top 10 in half of the Bassmaster events in which he participated.

Julie Dobbs

Julie Dobbs

Julie has a Broadcast Journalism degree from the U. of Missouri. She has reported for the Dallas Cowboys, covered NASCAR events, reported for the Dallas Stars on Fox Sports Southwest, and Texas Rangers on TXA 21.  Julie loves the outdoors and sports on television. Each week she gives anglers the latest sunrise/sunset times, moon phase, and solunar table info on the "Weekend Planner."  She also gets expert answers to viewer questions from of some of the world's best touring pros on the "Ask the Pro" feature.

Bill L. Olson

Bill L. Olson

Bill L. Olson is a third generation Texan who has hunted and fished much western North America from the Yucatan to Alberta, Canada.  He is Publisher/Editor of the 25 year old award-winning monthly magazine, "Texas Outdoors Journal.”  For the past 24 years he has hosted the syndicated "Texas Outdoor News” radio.  Bill is a U.S.C.G licensed Master Captain who owns and fishes offshore sportfishing vessels as well as inshore flats boats.  He travels Texas and Gulf Coast waters extensively in pursuit of inshore gamefish and offshore pelagic species.

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Hi Folks,

Get ready for an early spring.  A milder than normal winter has provide anglers with an opportunity for some excellent winter fishing. 

Trophy speckled trout are regularly being caught all along the coast.  Some of the more frequently mentioned HOT SPOTS have been East Matagorda, Upper Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, Port Mansfield and Lower Laguna Madre. 

The HOT BAITS have been UNFAIR Lures Rip 'N Slash, Norton's Sand Eel, Bass Assassin's 4" Sea Shad and Yum's Money Minnow.  White, pearl, glow, glow/chartreuse tails in clear water and chicken on a chain, black/chartreuse tail, plum/chartreuse tail and pumpkin seed/chartreuse tail in off-colored water.

Tides have remained fairly high on most of the coast.  That was the case through most of 2016.  With higher tides there has been water in the back lakes which will indicate some good fishing in these areas.  Most years we have to wait until spring flooding tides bring water back into the areas before fishing picks up.  If we get some flooding tides anglers will do well to rig weedless as fish will be back in the grass.

Here is something to consider.  Last fall I, along with many other anglers culled through countless just-undersized speckled trout and redfish to catch our limits.  Those fish were released.  Now as we approach spring those same fish will be legal, slot sized fish.  Just think of your success rate if you caught the same fish as you had to release last fall.

One final thought to tempt you with the upcoming season. We have had good rains the last couple of years and have had some coastal rains that should produce another good hatch of bait.  It was true last year and will be true to start the season - DOWNSIZE.  Match the hatch as smaller bait will be what gamefish will be feeding upon.

Until later,

I'm Bill Olson, and I'll see you, "On The Coast."

Bill L. Olson
U.S.C.G. Master Captain, 100 Ton & Towing Endorsement
Founder/Publisher/Editor, TEXAS OUTDOORS JOURNAL
Host, syndicated — FORD Trucks — TEXAS OUTDOOR NEWS radio
Weekly Reporter, FOX Sports Outdoors -Southwest “On The Coast”
1706 W Sam Houston Parkway North
Houston TX 77043
(713) 957-3997, office
(713) 957-3996, fax



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Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes is a native Texan who cut his teeth catching bass, catfish, and stripers all over the Lone Star state. He is the host of the "Texas Fishing and Outdoors" radio show that airs weekly statewide on the Texas State Networks. He has been a local voice on radio in Texas for over nine years. Brian is also a licensed bass fishing guide and lives to hunt big bass on Fork, Sam Rayburn, and Purtis Creek, and also loves to chase smallmouths on Texoma. Brian is also an avid guitarist and plays professionally.

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What a great time we've had on our off season break so far! I hope your Christmas was the best ever and your New Year has started out on the right foot-

Jennifer and I were able to spend quite a bit of time on the road and got in some great hunting this year. Deer season was kind to us as we hunted in Christoval over the Christmas break. You may or may not know that Jennifer, aside from being the love of my life, is also my camera "Ma'am" for most of the episodes each year. As a teacher she gets a long summer break, and is my travelling companion, best friend, and navigator on our adventures across the state. She also gets a nice break at Christmas so we were able to get some deer hunting in this year. She got her first (monster) and second (a cull buck but still nice) deer ever on the trip to Christoval. Even in 13 degree weather she never had a compliant, and she tagged her two deer with two perfect shots. Then we had a chance to go east to the Winnsboro area for an Axis. The weather was nicer, the people were great, the food was awesome, and she tagged a nice axis buck. Again, one shot, perfectly placed! I may have created a monster! We are already planning spring break and it is just a matter of where we want to fish. I am so fortunate to have found a woman like Jen- Whenever there is an opening in our schedules she wants to fill it with a hunting or fishing trip. She is also an accomplished photographer and we always try to find a little time to take photos of those interesting things we come across. Some of these have, and will, appear on our Facebook pages. We are trying to keep up as best we can, but with two teenagers to raise, regular jobs and all of the other obligations it is hard to find the time to post as much material as we have ready. Maybe she can tutor me on how to do what she does, and I'll be able to help in 2017!

I just wanted to let everyone know how much she does for me and how much she means to me each and every day!

Can't wait to get the new season of FSO and LSL underway-We'll keep in touch!


BTW- Gear and Gadgets on Facebook. G&G is a review of the gear we use in the fishing and hunting pursuits. It could be any little thing that is cool, handy, new, or not well known. I try to find products that you would like, but may not have heard about. We test them, take the photos and/or videos and post the results. I don't do bad reviews. Mama always said, "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all!" I have taken that to heart. If a product does not perform as advertised or falls short of our expectations, we toss it and move on.

And then of course, there is Lone Star Lakes. We're able to post there some of the things we don't have time for on the TV show. We intend to get as much content as we can once we get used to what we want to post. I'm thinking stuff like the places we eat (I love the little small town, mom and pop cafes that are spread across Texas), things to see and places worth visiting (like the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco). Keep an eye on it and you'll see Lone Star Lakes grow in the coming months!


Good fishin' and good huntin'-- 'til next time


You can always work tomorrow--today let's go fishin'!



Phil and Kevin Broussard

Phil and Kevin Broussard

"Cajun" Phil is a life-long genuine coon-ass from south Louisiana. He is also an avid angler who pursues bass, white perch, speckled trout and redfish throughout the marshes and bayous of his home state. Cajun has hosted his own television show "Outdoors & Fishin' with Cajun Phil" for 40 years. His son Kevin is a highly successful professional fishing guide.  Phil and Kevin team up to fish the Redfish Cup tournaments nationwide, and won their first event at Lafitte, Louisiana in 2007.  Here is a link to their website: Outdoors & Fishing with Cajun Phil & Kevin.

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Well the Saltwater fishing here on Calcasieu Lake is still not up to par..Looks like we need a couple more weeks before it settles down & gets back to normal..Other areas are doing quite well..Capt. Bill Lake in Dulac, La. is catching limits of Specks & reds almost daily..and over at Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix, La. there also having great reports daily on Trout & reds..Capt. Kevin & I just returned back from Fourchon, La. where we placed 6th in the HT Redfish Tournament..Reds were everywhere and easy catching. Fishing as a whole here in
Louisiana has been very good, we will try and keep you informed of the best locations each week, now to book your trip at Cajun Paradise Lodge & Charters just give me a call or e-mail me..Please also watch our Outdoors & Fishin' TV Show at 6:00 A.M. each & every Sunday morning on Fox Sports Southwest. For more info, just send me an e-mail at  , or call me at 337-540-5530.  Thanks, till next time, Happy Fishin' & May God Bless.  Come and get you some!

Gary Dollahon

Gary Dollahon

Gary Dollahon is from Roswell, NM and now lives in fishing-rich northeastern Oklahoma in Tulsa. A lifelong angler with more than 35 years in the outdoor industry, he considers himself a multi-species guy that never has a problem with changing his fish of choice many times throughout the day according to what’s biting. He loves fishing with family and friends, and especially enjoys introducing a first-timer to the sport. Gary says, “A fishing license is the best investment a person can make, and is the perfect gift.”

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Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Jacobs covers freshwater fishing in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi for our show. Jacobs is a native Georgian and worked for Game & Fish Publications in Marietta, Georgia for 25 years, editing magazines covering those three states. He is the Georgia Editor for Southern Trout Magazine online, as well as the Editor of Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine online. Jimmy also is the author the books Trout Fishing in North Georgia, Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia, Tailwater Trout in the South, Brook Trout in Dixie and Fly-Casting the South Atlantic Coast. In 2015 he was inducted into the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association Hunting & Fishing Hall of Fame.

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Crispin Powley

Crispin Powley

Crispin Powley reports on all of Tennessee and Kentucky for our show. He hails from the fish and game rich area of west Tennessee. Born to parents who weren’t outdoorsmen, his uncle introduced him to hunting and fishing at a young age. The outdoors soon became a part of his DNA as he began fishing tournaments with his uncle by age 11. This eventually led to a career in the fishing industry and a passion for hunting and fishing that has taken him to over 35 states and 3 countries pursuing fins, fur and feathers. Crispin resides on Kentucky Lake with his wife Jessica and their two children, Reese and Fisher.

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Hey gang! I hope you've all enjoyed the winter and holiday season. If you're like me, cabin fever has reached the highest setting on the dial! Here in TN and KY Ole' Man Winter just won't seem to give up. We'll have decent day or maybe two of weather and then that north wind starts blowing another system our way.

The good news is that spring is around the corner and with it comes another season of Fox Sports Outdoors! I'm ready to get back on the water and back on the air and bring you guys the best and hottest fishing destinations and techniques in the TN & KY region.

Keep your eyes open for updates and upcoming news and airings. Until then, be safe. Stay warm (if possible) and God Bless!


I would like to encourage you to head over to . These are great guys who make great foul weather gear. Of particular note in this region is their Fusion Series outwear as well as their UV Shield shirts. Stormr is so far ahead of the curve in terms of technical, performance gear. Their lineup is sure to include whatever you need to stay dry, warm and comfortable on your next outing. Remember, nothing is more miserable than being cold, wet, or melting hot. If you're willing to invest in rods, reels, tackle, boats, and other gear, why wouldn't you invest just as much into making your time using all that stuff count?

Thank you all. Enjoy your time on the water and God bless!

Take a minute to check out these folks. Great products by great people!


 Take a kid fishing! Big or little! Here's My 2 yr old, Fisher, working on the KY Lake bass!


 Here is yours truly with a nice KY Lake largemouth!





Englis Glover

Englis Glover

Capt Englis Glover reports on fresh and saltwater fishing for North and South Carolina for the show. He is a native South Carolinian who has been in the outdoors since childhood. As owner and operator of Tee To Sea Fishing, Capt. E has become a respected figure in the fishing industry up and down the Carolina coastlines. He balances his time between guiding and his television and radio shows. He is producer and host of "Reelin Up The Coast TV," which airs in several local television markets in the Carolinas. He also co-hosts "Southeast Anglers Radio Show" the first live fishing radio show in the Myrtle Beach area on 100.3 The Team sports radio. Englis writes a monthly column "Speakin Englis" for Coastal Angler Magazine.

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Just because the temperatures may be dropping don't get stuck in the house. Get out and wet a line. The Carolinas can offer some of the best winter fishing and with the forecast of mild winter at this point you can get out and enjoy a great time on the fresh and saltwater. IF you can't get out and fish spend some time organizing your tackle and getting some maintenance on your reels. This can make that day on the water when you do finally get a "kitchen pass" a lot easier and more productive. 

FRESHWATER The crappie are just insane right now. Whether you are in North or South Carolina get out to your favorite brush pile with some live bait and go have a great time with these tasty panfish. Also, all of our lakes from Murray, Moultrie, Marion, Hartwell, Russell, Wateree, and Strom Thurmond are gonna produce some big stripers to those that get out there and either troll live bait on planer boards or do my favorite and find those fish on schools of boat and cast jigs or spoons at them. With the Bassmasters Elite Series coming to the Coast of South Carolina this spring in April, you are gonna see a lot of your favorite bass pros pre fishing the rivers around Pee Dee and Waccamaw. This is a great time if you can find bait to catch some of the biggest bass. Drop shot on any area where you are seeing holding bait and there is sure to be a big pig sitting close by. Also, this winter I encourage you to try a light take trip to target shad on the Tail Race canal or the Roanoke River. These overlooked fish may not be the best table fare but they put up an incredible fight and will reward anglers with great numbers. 

SALTWATER First and foremost I am hearing so much about speckled trout bites throughout both SC and NC. Sound like the warmer waters are holding large numbers of fish and they should be here up through February. Trout Tricks and Vudoo shrimp are very popular right now and don't overlook areas around your jetties where the current is strong and holds any bait that is left during transition in tides. Also, with water temps starting to fall the reds will start schooling in the backwaters. If you spend time looking in your creeks that hold water at low tide you can find these sometime large schools holding. Throwing a 1/8 oz jig with anything white is a very productive tactic. Work the bait slow and remember to be completely quiet as you move through the water searching for them. Sheepshead will also start to spawn on the nearshore reefs in deeper waters and these little convicts will fall for anything from fiddlers, barnacles, oysters, or shrimp. Fish directly over the structure and move around until you find the fish. For those that can get offshore there is still a bunch of bottom species reachable within 8 to 12 miles of shore and you can put some great meat in the fridge on a calm day. 

Look forward to sharing 2016 with all of you and hope that you get off the couch and to the water every chance you get. Tight Lines, Capt. E




Bob McNally

Bob McNally

Bob McNally has been around fishing and the outdoors all his life, and has written over 5,000 feature magazine articles for every important outdoor publication in the United States. He averages over 200 magazine feature stories each year, for publications such as Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Afield, BASSMaster, Boys Life and SaltWater Sportsman. He is the author of 12 outdoor books, including the best-selling Complete Book of Fishermen's Knots and Rigs, Bass In Depth, and Bowhunting Deer. His writing, broadcasting and photography work have won over 150 state, regional and national awards. He is a widely recognized angling authority, having fished in nearly every state in the U.S., as well as in most Canadian provinces, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Cuba and the Bahamas. He travels extensively for his writing-photography work. Bob will be covering the saltwater fishing reports for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

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Georgia fishing is getting better inshore as well as near shore. The trout action is getting a lot better in the sounds and mouths of creeks with trout. Anglers are getting most fish in 3 to 5 foot of water using live shrimp under a slip float rig. The whiting have also been doing great in sounds as well as fishing off the beaches. Bait of choice has been a small cut piece of squid fished on the bottom. The tripletail have started to show near shore with the best action being off of Jekyll.

Blacktip sharks are in good supply, too, along the Georgia Coast. Fishing in the surf, and in the near shore waters around inlets and sounds has been excellent for 50 to 150 pounders that jump high and often. Natural baits do best, but sharks also take jigs, plugs and even streamer flies and poppers.

In Mississippi and Alabama, rain and high winds have hurt some fishing. But inshore anglers are doing well in the lower sounds and rivers, closer to the Gulf. Best fishing has been for sheepshead, black drum and redfish. Trout are deep and in clear water. Offshore, cobia are on the move near rigs and off beaches. Amberjacks are on ledges and near oil rigs starting in 200 feet of water.