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Stuff That Matters

Posted on on Aug 14, 2016

I find it strangely interesting that the single most popular feature on our fishing television show is a segment titled “Stuff That Matters.” We get more feedback from email, social media, and comments at marinas and boat ramps from our viewers about this portion of our show than any other. And it isn't even close. “Stuff That Matters” is a quick little 45-second commentary at the end of each episode that deals with life issues that matter more than fishing. It discusses being a good person, having integrity, raising a family, being a good husband, wife, or parent, having faith, and caring about others. Here's my take on this phenomenon. As much as our media would like to inflate the odd, disturbing, evil, and fearful happenings in our world, the vast majority of people still care very much about doing the right thing. I travel a lot around America, and as I talk to real people in all walks of life, most are not the oddballs on the nightly news, on reality shows, or on the internet. Most are ordinary folks who are doing their level best to be good neighbors, going out of their way to help someone who needs it. It's those people that I'm thinking about each week at the end of the show. And it's those people who make up the real America I live in.